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Why Invest in Coaching? What Will You Learn? What A Coach Offers
Why Invest in Coaching?
For an individual, coaching is an investment in yourself, in your life and in your career. It is a way to explore and refine your growth edges, so they no longer block your success. The outcome: a better career, a happier life
For a company, this is an investment in your leadership team. It is a win-win investment for both the company and the executive. The executive grows in skills and has a more positive impact on the organization and its bottom line.
Organizational climate accounts for up to 30% variance in performance and revenue, and executive leadership is the key component in creating it. (Studies by the McClelland Center of The Hay Group)
Talent is becoming increasingly harder to find and retaining good people is much less costly than rebuilding a team.
Change is constant and new leadership styles are required in our quick-paced world. The best way to develop management talent is on the job.
The ROI (Return on Investment) for a coaching program at a large international company was conservatively estimated at 529%, not taking employee retention into account, and 788% with lower turnover. (Study by MetrixGlobal, 2001)
Tangible benefits from coaching include higher employee retention, better customer service, greater organizational strength, and higher quality and productivity. Intangible benefits are greater commitment to the organization, reduced conflict, improved teamwork, and higher job satisfaction.
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