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What Is Coaching? What Coaching Is NOT ICF Certification
What Coaching Is NOT.

Coaching is not consulting.
Consulting is essentially about getting someone else’s answers to your situation. In consulting, implementation of the consultant’s recommendations is left strictly up to you.
Coaching, by contrast, is a co-active, iterative process to find a jointly agreed upon strategy with your Coach, who is a confidential sounding board and thought partner. Your Coach stays with you as you implement new strategies and continues to work with you through any difficulties, as you learn new skills or try new approaches.
Coaching is not therapy.
Therapy focuses on root problems and works to bring the unconscious into consciousness. Therapy focuses on the existing self and how it came to be.
Coaching is educationally based, not therapeutically based. Coaching works at the level of the conscious mind. As behavioral learning (not just cognitive learning), it requires time, attention, and practice.The focus is on problem solving, overcoming barriers, learning new skills, and implementing effective choices. Coaching focuses on who you will become.
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