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Karen Staib Duffy

Karen has developed a unique combination of Strategic Coaching and Ontological Coaching, which enables rapid and exciting growth and change for her clients.

Strategic Coaching
Strategic Coaching is based on over 25 years of professional experience in large Corporate America as well as her own experience in starting and running a coaching business. Karen has personally “walked the talk” and brings an “executive presence” to her work with top professionals. This has given her an acute awareness of the stresses and pressures involved in working within large organizations as well as setting out on your own; how to develop new leadership skills; how to build strong relationships and create an executive style that works for you; and how to set realistic goals. She brings action-oriented, solution focused strategies to guide you through a professional or personal impasse and to achieve your goals.

Ontological Coaching
Ontological Coaching focuses on emotional intelligence skills (EQ), understanding how you are the way you are, and what you can change. How you see the world creates the possibilities that you see for yourself and either limits or expands your opportunities. Very often, when we want to create changes, we need to make changes in our thoughts, in how we hold energy in our bodies, and in the emotional states in which we live. Changes in these three key aspects can open us up for new actions and new ways of being. New actions and new possibilities translate into greater effectiveness and success, and happier outcomes. In professional circles, high IQ and technical competence are expected. EQ can be responsible for up to 90% of your performance relative to your peers and your ultimate success.

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